Nuragic village of Serra Orrios


Almost a small Nuragic city, on the basaltic plateau of Gollei, overlooking the river nearby, guarded by nuraghi and divided into districts and neighborhoods, the archaeological site of Serra Orrios includes sacred areas, megaron temples and public facilities, housing with wells and cisterns.  

Nuraghe Mannu

Located in a striking dominant position of a basaltic elevation by the Gulf of Orosei, Nuraghe Mannu, that in Sardinian language means Large, is a single tower made of large vulcanite and basalt boulders, with a residual height of 4.70 meters and a diameter at the base of almost 13 mt.

Nuragic village of Tiscali

Tiscali is as much of a location as a grandeur. Hidden and unexpected, the nuragic village is developed inside a valley on the edge of the Supramonte of Dorgali, on the border between the Valley of Flumeneddu and Lanaitto.

Cala Luna

It is the most famous bay the Gulf of Orosei. The white sand beach stretches for seven hundred meters and its crystal-clear water blends perfectly with the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Flanked by a steep limestone ridge in which there are six large caves where it is possible to find shelter from the summer heat.

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The Cave of the Bue Marino

The caves of the Bue Marino are named after the monk seals that lived here until the 1980’s, that are called “sea cows” by the Sardinians.

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