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Dorgali is located 456 meters above sea level, with eight thousand inhabitants divided between the main town and the seaside village of Cala Gonone. With 225 square kilometers of land, it is one of the largest municipalities of Sardinia with a great variety of natural landscape beauty, it represents a microcosm in which you can find all the typical characteristics of the island.  Precisely for this reason we like to say that “Sardinia is Here”.

The crystal clear blue sea of the Gulf of Orosei and the wild mountains of the Supramonte are the extraordinary natural heritage that has always been an important resource for tourism, especially combined with its agricultural and pastoral traditions which have produced some of the best food and wines of Sardinia, and local handicrafts of leather articles, ceramics, gold filigree jewelry and carpet weaving.

The historic center is characterized by old buildings built with the dark volcanic rock typical of the island. Notable among the many historic churches scattered about the town are the churches of San Lussorio, Our Lady of Itria and the Maddalena. In the central Piazza Vittorio Emanuele stands the facade of the parish of St. Caterina, whose interior is decorated with a large carved wooden altar.  In town it is possible to visit the Archaeological Museum which contains an important collection of artifacts from the Nuragic, Punic and Roman periods (including ones from the nearby nuragic site of Serra Orrios).  On the coast there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Cala Luna. Famous natural sites in the area include the prehistoric cave village of Tiscali and the Grotta del Bue Marino with petroglyphs dating from 3500 B.C., located at the southern entrance to the cave.  These anthropomorphic carvings of dancing  figures around a central solar motif are called the "Dance of the Sun", and the design has been adopted as our logo.


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