A traditional meal in the cuili, tasting Frattau bread and suckling pig

Tastes that will make you trip in Sardinia memorable. Here in Dorgali you will enjoy these delicacies surrounded by the nature in the cuili of the Supramonte.

One of the first dishes that the Dorgali’s cuisine is famous for are the so called anzelottos (ravioli), stuffed with fresh cheese or ricotta, topped with a rich meat and tomato souce and sprinkled with some fresh cheese. Frattau Bread is an old peasent food. It consists in dipped layers of Carasau bread (flat bread), quickly dipped in salted water, and then topped with tomato sauce, cheese and eggs. But the prince of the table is undoubtedly Su Porcheddu, a roasted suckling pig, a delicacy flavored only with myrtle leaves and salt.  Real treasures of the shepherd cuisine are Su Tattaliu ( a skewer made from pieces of heart, liver, lungs alternated by strips of bacon and all wrapped in sheep intestines) and Sa Cordedda (braided lamb intestines and roast cooked)


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