Cheese, wine and olive oil: Three excellences that can’t miss on the table

Dorgali is a land full of excellent raw materials (milk, grapes, olives) that are transformed into products of excellence. For those who arrive in our region a taste of these delicacies is obligatory.

A mix of tradition and modernity characterize the cheeses produced in the town by the Cooperativa Pastori Dorgali. Alongside the classic pecorino in its many variations, we suggest the taedda, a kind of provola cheese made with cow's milk, excellent roasted and topped with honey; the frue, curdled milk from sheep or goat, excellent in salads with tomatoes; the tasty goats; the cheese spreads, sweet or spicy, best served spreaded on carasau bread; and the fresh and salty ricottas. Dorgali is also one of the homelands of the wine cannonau as evidenced by the historical documents from Roman times and the current awards for the quality of the product obtained in the national and international expositions. The local winery Cantina Dorgali produces a wide range of wines: the classic Cannonau DOC red (great with meat), the juvenile Filieri (red and pink), the new Santa Caterina (the first new product in Sardinia), white Cala Luna (recommended with fish dishes), the prized red Noriolo and special cannonau grappas.

There are also other wineries such as Atha Ruja, and Cellar Berritta

Another typical and genuine agricultural tradition of Dorgali is olive oil. The introduction of modern technologies in the cultivation and processing of olives did not compromise but rather exalted and enhanced the quality of this noble dressing. The activity of the local oil mills has brought an improvement in the quality of the product that is easy to find on the tables of restaurants and shops in the village. There are several companies that make this wonderful nectar of long life. In the oil mills its possible to taste and purchase this typical and exquisite olive oil.

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