Country Churches

Walking in the countryside around the town, it’s not difficult to see and admire small country churches, built during the seventeenth century and dedicated respectively to Our Lady of S'Ena, Our Lady of the Angels, San Pantaleo, Buoncammino Madonna, Madonna di Valverde, San Giovanni Crisostomo, Holy Spirit, San Giovanni Battista.

It is simple and basic architecture enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Often around the churches were built the cumbessias, small houses used by the faithful and priors, who stayed there during the celebrations dedicated to the Saint. These religious festivals used to end with great lunches for crowds of worshipers. This tradition was very much alive until the early 1990. Among the eight monuments, we recommend a visit to the rural church of the Madonna del Buoncammino, located in the valley of Oddoene.

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