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A traditional meal in the cuili, tasting Frattau bread and suckling pig
Tastes that will make you trip in Sardinia memorable. Here in Dorgali you will enjoy these delicacies surrounded by the
Cheese, wine and olive oil: Three excellences that can’t miss on the table
Dorgali is a land full of excellent raw materials (milk, grapes, olives) that are transformed into products of
Autunno in Barbagia Dorgali
AUTUNNO IN BARBAGIA DORGALI  ..fachende zoigas..  16/17/18 settembre 2016   Fachende zoigas is an ancient
Archeological museum of Dorgali
The Archaeological Museum of Dorgali was founded in 1980 by the City of Dorgali, in partnership with the Gruppo Grotte
Traditions: Craftsmen’s golden hands
The typical arts and crafts of Dorgali come from dozens of small workshops around the province. These wonderful
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Dorgali. Sardinia is Here
Dorgali is located 456 meters above sea level, with eight thousand inhabitants divided between the main town and the
Dorgali’s recreational beach is Cala Gonone
Dorgali has in its territory one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Sardinia: Cala Gonone. The early founders of
Cave of Ispinigoli
With a limestone column 38 meters high connecting the cave ceiling and floor, it is one of the tallest
The Cave of the Bue Marino
The caves of the Bue Marino are named after the monk seals that lived here until the 1980’s, that are called “sea cows”
Cala Biriola (Baunei)
Not far from Cala Sisine hides a small patch of paradise on earth topped with rich forest and the ancient paths and
Cala Cartoe
A cove sheltered by two headlands. No house or building alters the natural landscape which is crossed by a stream that
Central Beach (Spiaggia Centrale)
The popular beach of Cala Gonone was a glamorous summer vacation spot for aristocrats and middle class families in the
Cala Luna
It is the most famous bay the Gulf of Orosei. The white sand beach stretches for seven hundred meters and its
Cala Goloritzè (Baunei)
This extraordinary bay, declared a natural monument of Sardinia by Regional Decree for its beauty and environmental
Cala Fuili
It is the last beach that is accessible by car from the town driving along Viale Bue Marino. The clarity of its
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Enjoy Dorgali - Sito ufficiale per il turismo a Dorgali e Cala Gonone

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