The Supramonte

The territory of Dorgali constitutes the northern limit to the vast karstic area known as Supramonte.

Forests of Suttaterra and Ghivine

Extensive forests that are found in the coastal areas of the Supramonte Suttaterra and Ghivine, here there are still some sheepherders’ shelters, called cuili, including that of ziu Billa Mereu, a friendly shepherd who will welcome you among the scents and flavors of the Supramonte to explore a unique experience…

Cedrino River

The Cedrino is a river of Nuoro, mentioned by Grazia Deledda in her Nobel award-winning book: Reeds in the Wind, in which the night winds blow gently through the valley “sighing to the reeds" of this river.

The Canyon of Gorropu

In the heart of Supramonte lies a famous canyon, breathtaking and majestic. The Canyon of Gorropu is on the border between the territories of Dorgali, Urzulei and Orgosolo.

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