Dorgali’s young goldsmiths have trained and grown professionally in the old town workshops. They have brought innovation, modernity, and personal interpretation to their precious creations, without abandoning the traditions and unique characteristics of the Sardinian style which developed in antiquity, with influences from other ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean area.


Wood-carving is one of the most active artisan activities in Dorgali. From the simplest domestic items like kitchen utensils, to all types of furniture, chairs, tables and above all, the famous dowry chests that accompanied every Sardinian bride,


The acclaimed local artist Salvatore Fancello, to whom the Commune has dedicated a museum in the Town Hall,


The art of weaving, which includes a wide array of textiles but especially traditional carpets, occupies a place of honor in the wide array of crafts produced in the region.


In the past, shepherds and farmers travelling from their villages to the distant fields used big leather bags to transport the necessary provisions: flatbread, cheese, etc.

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