Cala Biriola (Baunei)

Not far from Cala Sisine hides a small patch of paradise on earth topped with rich forest and the ancient paths and walkways of coal miners.

Cala Cartoe

A cove sheltered by two headlands. No house or building alters the natural landscape which is crossed by a stream that forms a small lake.

Cala Luna

It is the most famous bay the Gulf of Orosei. The white sand beach stretches for seven hundred meters and its crystal-clear water blends perfectly with the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Flanked by a steep limestone ridge in which there are six large caves where it is possible to find shelter…

Cala Goloritzè (Baunei)

This extraordinary bay, declared a natural monument of Sardinia by Regional Decree for its beauty and environmental integrity, is famous for its wonderful limestone arch on the sea and the presence of the Aguglia, a limestone monolith about 100 meters high, incredibly beautiful, towering over the small bay.

Cala Fuili

It is the last beach that is accessible by car from the town driving along Viale Bue Marino.


Located within minutes of the promenade of Cala Gonone, it is the largest beach of the area and has recently undergone replenishment of the sand. It is ideal for young people and families who enjoy the beach life. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, it's easily accessible to children and elderly…

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