Archeological museum of Dorgali

The Archaeological Museum of Dorgali was founded in 1980 by the City of Dorgali, in partnership with the Gruppo Grotte Dorgali.

Museum Salvatore Fancello

The museum is dedicated entirely to the production of the artist born in Dorgali: Salvatore Fancello (1916-1941), famous worldwide for his ability both in the art of drawing and clay modeling. The permanent exhibition includes many famous works, including the famous Roll: a uninterrupted pattern seven meters long representing rural…

The Aquarium of Cala Gonone

The modern structure of the Aquarium of Cala Gonone, is the largest in Sardinia and was founded in 2010. Set in a park surrounded by typical Mediterranean native vegetation, between the unspoiled mountains of Supramonte and the fascinating scenery of the Gulf of Orosei.

Park Museum S'Abba Frisca

The Park-museum of "S'abba frisca" takes its name from the local fresh water springs, located in the vicinity of the Aquarium of Cala Gonone and Cave Ispinigoli. It offers a nature trail of rare beauty, rich in flora and fauna where it’s possible to visit the traditional environments of the…

Museum of the Monk Seal

The wildlife museum of the Monk Seal can be visited at the Education Center C.E.A and hosts over 300 species of the Sardinian sea wildlife inserted in dioramas - natural habitat reconstructions.

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Video Gallery Dorgali Cala Gonone


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