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Archeological museum of Dorgali

The Archaeological Museum of Dorgali was founded in 1980 by the City of Dorgali, in partnership with the Gruppo Grotte Dorgali.

The exhibits originate mainly from archaeological digs (Domus de Janas Marras, Grotta del Bue Marino, the nuragic village of Serra Orrios, the tomb giants of Thomes, village Nuraghe Arvu, Ispinigoli Cave, village of Tiscali , the nuragic-Roman settlement of Nuraghe Mannu) and from surface collections made throughout Dorgali; part of the museum's collections were donated by Domenico Lovisato, Francesco Pisanu, Giovanni and Francesco Sale. There are also many exhibits gathered by the Groups Grotte di Dorgali, Grotte di Nuoro and retrieved fortuitously by private citizens. Recently, the Municipality of Dorgali also acquired from a private seller a lot of over a thousand coins dating back to the Punic and Roman times, and a bronze inscription from the late ancient period: these materials are visible in the case dedicated to the Roman Age. The museum extends over an area of 170 square meters and is divided into three rooms arranged in chronological order. The exhibits are presented in 52 showcases, a great shrine, a display on the side for the coin collection and exhibitions across the floor and / or against the walls of the Museum (menhirs Mariughia, structural blocks, grinders, dolium, amphorae , Roman anchors, and a keelson of ancient ship). All the exhibits are accompanied by a brief comment describing the type, provenance, context and / or the dating (for the moment only in Italian). The halls are equipped with panels that provide educational information and brief comments on the collections (in Italian and English). A video wall and a PC, available to visitors, allows to visualize (in Italian, French, English, German) multimedia content, relative to the Museum and archaeological sites managed by the City of Dorgali and some neighboring towns, developed under the project of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia "Homogeneous systems of Visual Identity of Cultural Sites and institutions: A Cultural Heritage of Sardinia".

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