Autunno in Barbagia Dorgali


..fachende zoigas.. 

16/17/18 settembre 2016


Fachende zoigas is an ancient saying that refers to

the careful and complex manufacturing process of the

traditional Dorgali jewels, alluding to those skills that

have always distinguished the craftsmen from this village:

precision, care and attention to the smallest details.


Dorgali rises on the slopes of a mountain rich in woods,

overlooking the valleys cultivated with vineyards and olive

trees confining with the rugged landscapes of Supramonte.

On the northern slope of the mountain, the town of Cala

Gonone overlooks on the East side the Gulf of Orosei.

It is a renowned touristic locality and at the same time

a place tied to the ancient traditions, arts, creativity

and craftsmanship.

Knowledge and imagination meet together in the

workshops of craftsmen specialized in different

manufacturing processes such as filigree, pottery, carpets,

leather, knives and wood and they find an elegant dwelling

in the windows of the small shops along the village main

streets. During the event of Autunno in Barbagia, routes

and guided tours between history and village legends

are foreseen, as well as more than 50 courtyards of craft

masters and some wine and food specialties to find out

and taste the authentic tradition of Dorgali.



SATURDAY 17TH AND SUNDAY 18TH FROM 10 AM Demonstration of typical manufacturing and producing processes, ancient music instruments

construction, local sweets and fresh pasta making, woodcarving, leather processing and realization of taschedda and chintorza, carpet

production and fabric and embroidery working for jewels and decoration, knife making.



Exhibition Caras, volti e leggende

di Sardegna, performed by Roberto Serri.

- Corte Palitta, via Michelangelo

Painting exhibition Sulcalis – magia

e poesia del vino nell’arte.

- Via Lamarmora, 100

Painting exhibition I colori della tradizione,

by Antonio Fancello.

- Casa Dettori, Via Lamarmora, 91

Photography exhibition Immagini antiche

dell’800 e ‘900, by Candida Monni.

- Via V. Emanuele

Photography exhibition Paesaggi

solarizzati, by Mauro Spanu.

- Via Lamarmora, 197

Exhibition Zimusas e froccos, the traditional

Dorgali costume, organized by the

alla Cultura in cooperation with the Univ.

della terza età.

- Sala Consiliare, corso Umberto, 37

Exhibition of the ancient traditional

costumes performed by Antonella

and Francesca.

- Casa Macciotta, via V. Emanuele

War artefacts exhibition in the old

carpenter’s shop of Ciriaco Arras.

Via Gonare, 35

Exhibit of the pottery works by tziu

Totoi Enu. - Via Lamarmora, 97

Sardinian craft knives exhibition

Coltelligioiello, performed by Ivan Pira. Via Lamarmora, 151

Vintage motors exhibition.

- Corso Umberto (Sunday 18th)





• Area Turismo, Beni Culturali

e Sviluppo Economico - Comune

di Dorgali:

• + 39 0784 927235 and +39 0784 927236;

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Associazione turistica ProLoco

di Dorgali:

 For information concerning hotels

and restaurants or to discover the holiday

packages, please send an email to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +39 0784 96243


• Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche Cala

Gonone: +39 0784 93696

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Museum of the Monk Seal

The wildlife museum of the Monk Seal can be visited at the Education Center C.E.A and hosts over 300 species of the Sardinian sea wildlife inserted in dioramas - natural habitat reconstructions.

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Park Museum S'Abba Frisca

The Park-museum of "S'abba frisca" takes its name from the local fresh water springs, located in the vicinity of the Aquarium of Cala Gonone and Cave Ispinigoli. It offers a nature trail of rare beauty, rich in flora and fauna where it’s possible to visit the traditional environments of the “barbaricino” culture.

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In the past, shepherds and farmers travelling from their villages to the distant fields used big leather bags to transport the necessary provisions: flatbread, cheese, etc.  


The art of weaving, which includes a wide array of textiles but especially traditional carpets, occupies a place of honor in the wide array of crafts produced in the region.  


The acclaimed local artist Salvatore Fancello, to whom the Commune has dedicated a museum in the Town Hall,


Wood-carving is one of the most active artisan activities in Dorgali.  From the simplest domestic items like kitchen utensils, to all types of furniture, chairs, tables and above all, the famous dowry chests that accompanied every Sardinian bride,


Dorgali’s young goldsmiths have trained and grown professionally in the old town workshops.  They have brought innovation, modernity, and personal interpretation to their precious creations, without abandoning the traditions and unique characteristics of the Sardinian style which developed in antiquity, with influences from other ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean area.

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