Park Museum S'Abba Frisca

The Park-museum of "S'abba frisca" takes its name from the local fresh water springs, located in the vicinity of the Aquarium of Cala Gonone and Cave Ispinigoli. It offers a nature trail of rare beauty, rich in flora and fauna where it’s possible to visit the traditional environments of the “barbaricino” culture.

Inside the museum visitors will admire more than 4,000 items scattered in fifteen rooms, representing the rural culture and agro-pastoral culture. The guided tour will wind through medicinal plants, dye works, construction materials, fountains, waterfalls and walkways around megalithic structures, shepherds’ huts, a goat pen, a courtyard with a grinding wheel and a blacksmith workshop with a bellows from the 19th Century.

Visitors can also admire a typical 1700’s bedroom, an antique spinning wheel and the clothing that was used in those times, weapons, jewelry and musical instruments. The machinery for making wine in the 1600’s, a horse-drawn mill stone which testifies to the production of olive oil. Last but not least, an ancient bakery where it’s possible to taste Carasau bread and learn the secrets of the making of this typical shepherd’s bread.

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