Birthplace of Blessed Maria Gabriella

Maria Sagheddu was born March 17, 1914 in Dorgali.  On September 30, 1935, at the age of 21, she entered the Trappist monastery of Grottaferrata.

In January of 1938 Sister Maria Gabriella felt drawn by the ideal of giving her life to God in sacrifice for the unity of the Catholic Church. She died on April 23, 1939 of tuberculosis. The body was found immaculate during the recognition in 1957; it now lies in a chapel next to the monastery of Vitorchiano, where the community Grottaferrota has now moved. Sister Maria Gabriella was blessed by John Paul II on Jan. 25, 1983, after 44 years after her death, in the basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, during the celebrations of the Conversion of St. Paul, on the last day of the praying week for the unity of all Christians.

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