Nuraghe Mannu

Nuraghe Mannu Nuraghe Mannu

Located in a striking dominant position of a basaltic elevation by the Gulf of Orosei, Nuraghe Mannu, that in Sardinian language means Large, is a single tower made of large vulcanite and basalt boulders, with a residual height of 4.70 meters and a diameter at the base of almost 13 mt.

The entrance is surmounted by an irregular lintel with a discharge window. The entrance leads into a hallway that connects with the main room, almost completely blocked by a collapse. Around the nuraghe were a large amount of huts, so it is likely that its name can be attributed to the extension of the ancient village and not for the size of the tower. The huts are circular and made of unworked stones of medium size, but as you move away from the central area, the huts become rectangular shaped and made of square blocks.



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