Nuragic village of Serra Orrios


Almost a small Nuragic city, on the basaltic plateau of Gollei, overlooking the river nearby, guarded by nuraghi and divided into districts and neighborhoods, the archaeological site of Serra Orrios includes sacred areas, megaron temples and public facilities, housing with wells and cisterns.  

It is one of the most studied and best preserved nuragic settlements: the first excavations date back to 1830 thanks to the great archaeologist Doro Levi and have provided some interesting artifacts, kept in the Archaeological Museum of Dorgali. The area is easy to access through the SP38, and the ticket service is available all year round


MAY       open daily,  guided tour departures   10.00 -- 11.00 -- 12.00     15.00 -- 16.00 -- 17.00

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