Nuragic village of Tiscali

Tiscali is as much of a location as a grandeur. Hidden and unexpected, the nuragic village is developed inside a valley on the edge of the Supramonte of Dorgali, on the border between the Valley of Flumeneddu and Lanaitto.

Dating back to the early nuragic age, it held forty ancient huts, mostly circular, some rectangular, combined into two areas against the walls of the mountain. The route to this enchanting site starts at either end of the valley and the trail is a walk through nature, time, and emotion. 

First studied by professor Taramelli, for a long time this area was exposed to the harshness of the weather. Now it has been adequately protected and it’s an endless source of information for researchers from all over the world. Even the studies and preservation have evolved: the last intervention of the City of Dorgali has created a highly accurate 3D digital model of the site. The archaeological site is open to visitors all year round with guided tour and although the route to the area is particularly difficult and it is advisable to be accompanied by expert guides.


MAY       open daily,  09.00 -- 17.00

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