The Supramonte

The territory of Dorgali constitutes the northern limit to the vast karstic area known as Supramonte.

The Supramonte features a mountain area of approximately 350 square kilometers, starting from the cliffs of the southern Gulf of Orosei, and occupies a large part of the areas of Dorgali, Baunei, Urzulei, Orgosolo and Oliena, taking from these towns the names of the different geographic areas.  The coastal area in the east and the mountainous land to the west, is divided by the State Highway 125 which crosses these the area from south to north, providing beautiful landscapes and vistas.

Supramonte includes many locations of high natural value, a karstic system that goes from the Grotta del Bue Marino and Grotta del Fico near the sea, to _ Ispinigoli, Sa Oche, Su Entu, Corbeddu and Su Gologone on the ground. The Supramonte is covered in the remote areas by forests of juniper trees, yews, and _ oaks and Mediterranean scrub. It has been inhabited since ancient times, constituting an important area from the geological point of view, it contains a wide variety of landscapes ranging from doline, codule , caves and beaches to the sea, sinkholes, caves, plateaus and gorges located on the ground. The overlapping basaltic and limestone plateaus are very characteristic, especially in the territory of Dorgali. The area is full of charm and natural beauty as well as history and legend, but was one of the many Sardinian areas that fiercely opposed invading forces throughout history. The rugged terrain, density of vegetation, lack of water and even points of reference, makes it an area where it is advisable to go with the support of local guides for countless memorable excursions.

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