Cedrino River

The Cedrino is a river of Nuoro, mentioned by Grazia Deledda in her Nobel award-winning book: Reeds in the Wind, in which the night winds blow gently through the valley “sighing to the reeds" of this river.

The river originates in the Gennargentu mountains, near the Supramonte of Orgosolo where it is known as Rio Boloriga. After a tortuous 80 km it flows into the sea near Orosei. It is the fifth longest river of Sardinia and allows kayakers to enjoy unspoiled places that would be difficult to visit otherwise. On the way you will encounter the beautiful church of San Pantaleo built in 1600, recently restored, and arrive at the spring of Su Gologone. In 1984 this course was blocked with the construction of a dam in the village of Pedra 'e' Othoni near Dorgali, at the foot of the mountains Tului and Bardia, creating a reservoir that has taken the name of Lake Cedrino.


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