Cave of Ispinigoli

With a limestone column 38 meters high connecting the cave ceiling and floor, it is one of the tallest stalactite-stalagmite compounds in Europe and an enchanting and unforgettable attraction.

The cave of Ispinigoli takes its name from this spectacular feature that translates as “fish bone caught in the throat”.  Located on the outskirts of Dorgali, in the village of the same name, the cave can be visited by following a picturesque path winding between stalactites and stalagmites of the most varied shapes and sizes.  Rippling mineral deposits create incredible effects of color, light and shadow on the walls that intensify along the stairs where the yellow limestone formations increase this spectacular display, until it reaches the floor of the grotto and the base of the enormous column. The descent is 280 steps long. One of the features of Ispinigoli is the ''Virgin's Abyss", so called because its structure is not easily accessible. It is in fact a deep and narrow funnel that connects to the underground recesses of the cave which stretch for about 12 km and is accessible only to experienced spelunkers.

2018 Opening Time
May: 10.00am, 11.00am, 12.00am, 03.00pm, 04.00pm, 05.00pm.

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