Gorropu: a journey among the most spectacular in Europe

The most attractive, mysterious and wild place of Sardinia is without a doubt the Supramonte. And here you can embark on a trekking journey surrounded by the wildest nature, one of the most spectacular routes in Europe.

Starting from Dorgali, to a place called Valley Oddoene, used for vineyards, you can travel on a dirt road and walk in the shadows of the wonderful vegetation of junipers, oaks, heather, mastic, corbezzoli and alder trees, and many aromatic herbs that fill the air with incredible scents. From here it's possible to enter to the Canyon of Gorropu. An impressive entrance 400 meters high, where the force of the river has opened its way into the stone walls creating a unique wild landscape. The immense vertical walls of the canyon are simply breathtaking, stepping inside the entrance you will admire numerous cavities and presences of the many passed geological eras. With a bit of luck you will encounter wild and interesting fauna including boars, rabbits, eagles, peregrine falcons, griffons and vultures. There are expert local guides who can assist you in your visit.

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