Rock climbing

Each year climbing enthusiasts from all over the world choose Sardinia as the ideal destination for rock climbing and bouldering for its mild climate all year round and the geology of the island, full of limestones cliffs and walls.

The most popular areas where to practice this adventurous sport with many climbing routes and different levels of difficulty are:

  • Ogliastra
  • Supramonte
  • Sulcis Iglesiente
  • Nurra

Easier and equipped cliffs are:

  • Calagonone
  • Baunei
  • Isili
  • Masua (The torrioni of Masua, and more than 50 between short routes and more complex paths and the famous sea wall overlooking the cliff of Pan di Zucchero)

The most difficult and risky paths that attract the expert rock climbers all over the World are:

  • Supramonte
  • Guglia di Goloritzè 

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