Mountain Biking

A different way to visit Sardinia is by bike. Mountain biking along dirt roads allows you to reach landscapes of incredible beauty along the coast and in the hinterland, in close contact with nature, otherwise difficult to achieve except on foot.

Among the most beautiful excursions, we must recommend the Supramonte and the Gennargentu, where you can admire the gorge of Su Gorropu, one of the deepest canyons in Europe. If you are looking for evocative seascapes you can cross the Costa Verde of Arbus and the Guspini Mines, but also in the territories of the spas of Sardara, where you can combine sport with wellness. Another fascinating path is along the Giara of Gesturi and Serri, where you might encounter herds of wild horses. Do not miss the area of the Sette Fratelli, where you can go hiking on easy routes.

You can find numerous centers throughout Sardinia where it’s possible to rent bikes and follow trails and routes.

The guide to mountain biking in Sardinia

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