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The sea and the wind, two elements that make Sardinia the ideal destination for surfing, windsurfing kite surfing fanatics. There's something for all tastes and for all needs. Here, beginners can have fun and practice as well as the great athletes who often face each other in competitions on the coasts of this beautiful island.

Surf and Windsurf were practiced in Sardinia since the beginning of the eighties, and  Sardinia was used as a famous location for advertising windsurf championships. Locations like Capo Mannu in Sinis, made of breathtaking cliffs where the mistral blows with mighty force. But also Funtana Meiga at Oristano and Capo Spartivento at Domus de Maria. Among other less challenging places are; Porto Pollo at Palau and Li Junchi at Badesi and the Poetto in Cagliari, which hosts the biggest surf club in Italy.


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