Sardinia boasts more than 1,500 natural caves that offer breathtaking scenarios. Due to the geological richness of the territory, is one of the most appreciated regions by those who enjoy spelunking. Many famous caves are awaiting to be explored accompanied by expert guides, walking around stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes,. And for the experts who actively practice the discipline there are many natural caves still intact and evolving.

The richest areas with caves are in the Sulcis, the Nurra and Nuoro. Surely one of the most famous caves in Sardinia is the cave of Bue Marino in Calagonone, which until a few years ago was inhabited by monk seals. The caves of Ispinigoli and of the Fico are extremely interesting. Other interesting destinations are the cave of Nettuno in Alghero,Is Janas in Sadali, Su Marmuri in Ulassai, Is Zuddas in Santadi, Mannau Fluminimaggiore and Santa Barbara in Iglesias.

Among the lesser-known caves, for which visitors need the help of experienced guides: the caves of Sa Oche, Su Bentu and Corbeddu in Oliena, Su Palu in Urzulei and the whole area of the Parco Geo-Minerario of Sulcis.


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